My Work


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Tom and Jerry - Ocean Wisdom. Designer, Animator, Visual Development, Co-direction​​ 


Produced under Grizzle London with a small team of animators; this strange mouse occupied world was created for Ocean Wisdom's new release: "Tom and Jerry".

I took on a role of storyboarding, creating animatics, directing and animating for this project which has reached over a hundred thousand views, been mentioned in magazines and will be featured in FIFA 19. 

aquarium animation 1
aquarium animation 1

final frame together water v3
final frame together water v3

Lollipop first storyboards
Lollipop first storyboards

aquarium animation 1
aquarium animation 1



Lollipop - Animator, Character design, Storyboard and Animatic Artist​​ 


Working  with Fly Film to produce the proof of concept for an animated feature film, written by Lisa-Marie Russo. Part of this experience involved training with Skillset within various roles and responsibilities in the film and television industries. 

The project was selected to pitch at Annecy MIFA. 



John and Derek - Writer, Director, Animator

​"Well, for a start John, I find that very hurtful." 


Graduation film made in 10 days from a throwaway script found in the darkest corners of my computer. Made with traditional animation on paper.


HIVEMINDS - Writer, Producer, Animator

​"This lattice of our little lives, lived in a fleeting flash; Our hexagonal hamartia." 


I wrote the script and animated a short film produced by Random Acts/Ignition Network and the UK Arts Council as part of Channel 4. It was narrated by Ruby Ashbourne-Serkis who I had the pleasure of directing in the studio. 

Our Camelot - Writer and Co-Director

"And spit green and yellow splash, on hilly fields that flow like sea. Until the great green waves they crash, into a twisting, rising tree."


 Our Camelot is a digitally drawn animated film which was voiced by David Cann (Jam, The Eagleman Stag) and toured North America with Spike and Mike's festival of Animation. It was my second year film.


Our Camelot


Forward Poetry - Documented: Love.

"And yet two eyes, glazed with utter warmth, reach in to the world that exists in perpetual awe...Gazing into the frozen moment..."


I have been published with Forward Poetry with my poem "Undocumented: Love" in the anthology "Love is in the Air: Volume 1" in the British Library and Libraries around the UK and Ireland. 


JHGS: Question Time. 

My experience in production started in during my education in acting and later in Politics as I was the chairman for a debate filmed by the local University. I was in charge of inviting panellists who included the writer Peter Hitchens, Human Rights Campaigner Peter Tatchell and the speaker John Bercow.

 Animator | Storyboard Artist | Writer